Why Black Men Go for Black Sugar Momma

Black Sugar Momma Other factors come into play and these changes the many dynamics of dating. In this context, it is probably right to make the assumption that however surreal they may be, the tastes and preferences of parties involved remain valid. This article explores the possible reasons why black men opt for black sugar mummies.

Gifts, Treats...

It is logical that when a black man goes for a black sugar momma, he may be persuaded by reasons that defy other considerations such as beauty. Obviously, it is wrong to generalize that all sugar mommas are pretty and well-heeled. Some of them are overweight and obese. As a result, the latter category tends to be excessively generous to their 'boys' as a way of keeping them in. Such sugar mummies will pamper their black men with expensive gifts and other treats just to stay relevant. The man has to keep coming back. The idea that these black sugar mommas may not be attractive anymore creates the need for someone who can lie, without blinking in two minutes that they are gorgeous. It is therefore reasonable to conclude that black men’s preference of black sugar mummies has everything to do with being spoilt to the core with money and gifts. You are likely to get what you ask for if your 'services' are appreciable.


The urge for a black man to get and stick with a black sugar momma can be motivated by the desire to stay within the biased and age-long racial confines. You know, you are considered straight if you date straight. Often, these black men may date white girls on the sidelines, but only with the mindset of having acquired some possession - meant for the closet. It is not uncommon, however, for these relationships to get beyond the casual-sugar-momma line into something serious like marriage. Such relationships are meant to assuage potential identity crises.

The Stats

Disturbingly, emerging statistics tend to point to the fact that interracial dating results in short-lived relationships. This comes in the wake of the fact that people in happy relationships often desire for the good days to last. Hypothetically, it would therefore be unappealing for black men and black sugar mommas not to date.

In addition, a black sugar mummy will keep stroking the ego of a black man - even when she’s paying the bills. This, arguably, can be considered as the glue that keeps these relationships alive as compared in other arrangements. A white sugar momma will certainly not put up with insolence for long. In due time she'll literally drive the man over the precipice without a single care in the world!


The dynamics involved in black-men-and-black-sugar-mummy relationships are baffling to the average naive eye. Besides remaining relevant in terms of identity, these relationships tend to favor men who, in exchange for their unquestionable intimate performances, must be insultingly pampered like there isn’t tomorrow.

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