What You Need Know to be Successful in Dating a Sugar Momma

Sugar Momma Dating TipsOne of the biggest problems for a cub is that there are not very many sugar mommas out there. Competition can be rough at times. This is why, once you have landed your sugar momma, you need make sure she is happy. Every sugar momma is different and you will need to learn what she wants as an individual. With that in mind here are a few tips on how to date a sugar momma and making sugar momma relationships work:

Be confident in who you are and what you can offer her. Keep in mind that this is a successful woman you are dealing with. You don’t get to the top by mucking around and there is a good chance she won’t put up with a cub that does so.

Be exciting to be around! You are a young guy - full of energy and life! This is a big part of what you bring to the table. When she takes you out to her favorite places you need to make them feel new and vibrant. Learn how to make your sugar momma feel young again.

Look your best. You are more than just a pretty face, sure, but you are still a pretty face, right? If she wants to go out to the opera, dress for the occasion (you might have to do a little research). As a guy you might be used to not being expected to do a lot in this regard. Don’t go for the scruffy casual look - go for sophisticated and handsome instead.

Be selective in your conversation. Remember that there will be quite a few years between you two. Try to avoid conversation that will make her feel old or out of touch. If you are stuck for conversation, you can always use the fallback method of asking questions about her and her interests.

This isn’t a traditional relationship. As a guy there are often certain expectations, for example, it is normally the guy who is expected to buy the drinks and the meal. Not so with sugar dating. While you shouldn’t be afraid to exert your own independence, keep in mind that she is the one in charge. Despite this, remember that she still comes from a more traditional time, so may still expect a certain level of chivalry.

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