Five Ways to Impress Your Sugar Momma

So you’ve got a sugar momma. She is beautiful; she is rich; and she is probably younger than what you expected. Now you are wondering how to impress your sugar momma so that she will give you want you want, right? You are reading the right article right now, because we are going to share the top five ways to impress your sugar momma so that you will become the best sugar baby that she has ever had!

Keep Sugar Momma

1. Give her validation by paying attention to her. Sugar mommas crave attention! Once you have understood this key point, you can use this knowledge to your advantage now. For instance, you should text her every single day and make her feel cherished by you (this doesn’t really cost you anything). With a sugar momma, you should never play hard to get. That BS just doesn’t work here with your sugar momma, as you need to clarify what this is really about in your head first. In fact, you just need to give her what she wants, thereby receiving what you deserve, right? Therefore, it’s time to make sure your sugar momma feels appreciated and loved all the time. She can’t easily get this from most men out there. If you give her enough attention, she feels validated, so you will become irreplaceable in her mind.

2. Get into her head and understand what she is really thinking about. In marketing, there is a term called ‘customer avatar’ which means as a marketer, you must totally understand what your typical customer is thinking about in their head, especially what they are worried about after they have turned off the lights at night (what keeps them awake at night). Then you will design your marketing based on that. This principle also applies to sugar momma dating advice, in fact. Consequently, you should figure out what your sugar momma is really concerned about - is she worried about her age? Is she worried about her attractiveness? Is she thinking about her kids? Is she concerned that she will never have kids? Is she so ambitious that she only wants to focus on her career? Find out answers to these questions, and you will know where you can work on from now on. Talk to her about these and discuss her concerns, and she will feel that you are the best person in the world.

3. Show her your value in a subtle way. As a man, you are valuable. Your sugar momma isn’t really better than you, because different people offer different value. Maybe your sugar momma has more money, more experience and higher status than you, but perhaps you have more youth, more time, and more intelligence than her. Therefore, you shouldn’t make her feel that you must rely on her all the time. Instead, you should let her feel that you are a high-value man with or without her. For example, you are studying at university and your degree is important to you; you are starting your career and your success is important to you. She will feel it if you actually believe it. In fact, when she feels that you are a high-value man, she will like you even more, not less.

4. Dare to disagree with her. I’m not saying you should disagree with everything your sugar momma says. Actually, I think a sugar baby should make his sugar momma happy first. But I really need to let you know that you’d better occasionally disagree with her, because not having an opinion is the least sexy thing in the world. For instance, if she says, “it’s such a terrible movie.” You can say, “Well, I think it’s kind of educational in some ways.”

5. Have your own life. Your relationship with your sugar momma shouldn’t dominate your world. Apart from that, you must have your own life, e.g. you have your own career (although your sugar momma probably invested in it); you have your own friends; you enjoy your other activities as well.

Once you’ve mastered the above five tips to impress your sugar momma, your sugar relationship will be much sweeter! In this way, using sugar baby websites will eventually pay off!

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