What is the Difference Between a Sugar Momma and a Cougar

Sugar Momma and Cougar

There is often some confusion around these two words. They both involve older women and younger men but refer to very different approaches to relationships. To make things more confusing a sugar momma is generally a cougar as well but less often the other way around.

Let’s start with the cougar. She is generally 40+, attractive and while she doesn’t have to be wealthy, she is normally well off financially. She tries to attract attention from young men and seeks out relationships with them. More often than not, she is looking for sexual encounters. Once she has her man, she makes sure that she is the dominant partner.

A sugar momma seems very similar. She doesn’t have to be advanced in years, though that is often the case. The key word is ‘sugar’ - it is about being wealthier than the sugar cub. They also seek out younger men and want to treat them and spoil them (this is the mummy part).

So far they sound fairly similar. The big difference is how they attract and engage with these young men they seek out. A cougar has social power, either through attractiveness or interpersonal skill. While she might pay for a meal or drinks, that is only to establish her dominance. A sugar momma on the other hand, pays for everything by default. Sugar mummies might lack the ability to seduce a young man by herself, so she will seek out the ‘sugar bowl’ where she can easily use her wealth get an attractive young sugar cub.

In reality, it isn’t always this straightforward. Relationships are complicated! A woman might be a little of both, or start out as one but become more like the other. If you are a sugar cub and you aren’t sure if you are dealing with one or the other - forget about it. Just treat her like a human being. After that, if you still want to know, then you should be comfortable in your relationship to simply ask!

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