I Found My Hot Cougar in Melbourne

Hot CougarA few months ago, I was reading an article online about hot cougars in Melbourne when I suddenly realised I didn’t really know, in the dating sense, what cougars were...

Yet, here I am today, almost an expert on dating cougars in Melbourne. In fact, after reading that article, it’s fair to say that my life has been turned upside down.

Why? Well, somehow being involved with cougars piqued my interest, so I first found out as much as I could about them and then worked out how best to become a cub to a hot cougar.


Well, then, let me tell you some more...

For those who don’t know, cougars are, typically, older attractive, wealthy and often powerful women (powerful in the business sense or commanding respect and authority in society). For whatever reason they don’t have a permanent partner, ie no husband or LTB (long term boyfriend) - yet now and then, like many women and men, need some love and attention, both emotional and physical. Cubs are the men who serve them...

Cougars usually only require attention on a short term basis, as they are too busy with their career or hobbies or doing something good for society to go through the usual dating nonsense.

And in a fast moving city like Melbourne, there are plenty of hot cougars around, believe me!

Anyway, back to my story: so I was getting bored with my job and, after reading up about hot cougars in Melbourne, I decided to join a specialised cougar dating site to learn more about such women - and also see if I could get to meet one or more of them.

I researched several cougar dating websites before selecting one which I felt best suited my needs and reached out to a number of hot cougars listed on the said site, sending them my profile and my vital statistics. After sorting through the various replies I received, I quickly started chatting and mailing several of the cougars based in Melbourne who particularly appealed to me - very attractive women I have to say, notwithstanding that most of them were well into their 40s, with one of them admitting to being early 50s.

Needless to say, all of these hot cougars in Melbourne were seeking a young, virile man to be their companion for nights out and special nights in and were prepared to reward the right cub with money, gifts and generally keeping their young lover in a great lifestyle that he was comfortable with.

So, now you understand why I have become a cub to a hot cougar in Melbourne.

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