How to Get a Sugar Momma

If you are a young cub (or wannabe cub) then you have your work cut out for you. Sugar mommies are a rare breed and those that are out there are often salty. This means that you will need to put in more effort than your sugar babies associates but it should be nothing for the resourceful cub. It means that you really need to put yourself out there - you can’t just sit on a dating website and let them come to you.

Date a Sugar Momma

Socialise with the right people. If you already know the right people then this is easy. Ask around and drop a few hints, so long as you don’t mind being open about what you want. Being in similar social circles as potential sugar mommas, or at least in the places they socialise in, goes a long way to achieving your goal. You will have to put yourself out there and be social. This is hard but sometimes you need to go the extra mile, right?

Develop an eye for potential sugar mummies and try taking the first step. Keep in mind that she is mature and established and has far more to risk, socially, if she makes a bad first step. This can go a long way to showing off your confidence and virility. Buying her a drink is not the best way to go here! Remember, she is the sugar mommy, she should be buying the drinks! Instead, start with body language. Catch her eye and show that you are interested in her. If she still doesn’t take the bait, introduce yourself and try some light conversation. For example: mention that you have noticed that she often comes here alone and ask if she would like some company.

Sign up to sugar momma dating sites. This is the easiest way and is generally how many cubs get started. You can get a wide exposure but of course it means that you will be in the sugar bowl with all the other potential sugar cubs. Even if you use other methods, you should still give these sites a go. If you do sign up, your profile is key to getting a sugar mommy. Put a lot of effort into making yourself sound like a fun and attractive guy who is able to keep up a mature relationship. Illustrate what you say with your profile pics. You should have at least three or four showing an authentic and attractive you - no poses, or photoshop. Lastly, answer every message, even if it is only to decline.

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