How to Tell Relationship with Your Sugar Momma is Over

Dating a sugar momma is as exciting as the ski trip that lasts decades on plus two extra days. However, sugar momma relationship can go from cherry flavor to bitter lemon in a matter of seconds. Here are a few tips to let you know whether your relationship has sailed;

Sugar Momma Relationship


The main point for a sugar momma relationship is the financial gains you get out of it. Once your services are no longer reciprocated by the sum of money she offers then get going. If she is totally disinterested in paying for your food, drink or dinner bills, you better take the first cab home. This means that she is dragging the relationship and probably she has replaced you while you are still dangling around in denial.


The initial stages of this sugar momma relationship is usually filled with all the niceties in the world. It’s almost like those Bollywood movies. All dance and celebrations. It was party after party, different country every week and new shoes and suits for each event. It was your little bubble of paradise. However a sudden drop in her energy may indicate boredom. She does not call any more, barely accompanies you to your events and snobs you on occasion. Its probably time to put an end to this relationship.


When your sugar momma seems uncomfortable when you are around. Always takes a rain check when you show up or does different activities whenever you are present, you need to leave. If she isn’t supporting your ideas and your opinions, save your energy and avoid looking desperate; it’s time to hit the road Jack.


If your sugar momma is behaving or acting in a motherly way then you cannot get a more distinct indication that she is not that into you. You were not planning to be a step son, no blood relations here. Men always want to date older women as they are mature and experience in matters of life and sex. If she has already started nurturing you and being a little extra on her actions then just know it’s time to head for the exit. Inquiring on your whereabouts, telling you to pick up after yourself in a nagging way, choosing wine and ensuring you have eaten your groceries are the motherly tendencies that will drive you back to your real mother.

Make sure you gauge the commitment levels of each side. You can be the one to bore her or vice versa. Plus always keep in mind that nothing good lasts forever unless it’s the zeros in her bank account.

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