How to Make a Sugar Momma Happy

Yes, we know it - dating a sugar momma is the best experience on the planet: she is rich, she is hot, and she is interested in you! Because you are reading this article, we already know you are a smart young man! Otherwise, you wouldn’t be here! So in order to further help you, we’d like to show you how to make your sugar momma happy so that she will make you happy.

Happy Sugar Momma

  • Always look your best. You know why your sugar momma likes you - you are young, handsome and fit. Therefore, you should further enhance your great qualities by always looking your best: be sophisticated and sexy. Women are much more visual than you think.
  • Show your respect for her. This will make you irreplaceable - each time you go out with her, make sure you open the car door for her, hold the door at the restaurant, pull out the chair for her and just be the amazing gentleman. It is moments like this that will make her heart melt. Remember the principle of reciprocity - by that I mean after you have given her your respect and good manners, she will naturally give something valuable to you as well.
  • Compliment her occasionally. Do not keep complimenting her all the time, partly because that only makes you look fake, and partly because that makes her value these compliments less. You need to compliment her when the time is right. For instance, if she is using her lipstick in front of you, you can say, “You look amazing”. If she shares her wine with you, you can say, “Your choice of wine is perfect.”
  • Be interesting, fun and playful. Your sugar momma is with you because she wants to have fun. So your job is to make sure she can get the desired result, so that she will give you what you want. Therefore, never complain in front of her; never become angry when you are with her. Just be fun - this will make her time with you incredibly energizing. But meanwhile, please don’t act immature, because being fun doesn’t mean being silly.
  • Give her the attention that she wants. All women are validated by attention. All women seek attention, including sugar mommas. No matter how financially independent she is, she always wants men’s attention! So it is your responsibility to pay attention to her. Once she gets the validation from you, she will give you want you deserve.

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