Sugar Momma Dating Younger Men: Top 8 Cities in the US

Sugar Momma Dating Younger MenThe phenomenon of sugar mommas dating younger men is not a new one by any means.

It’s just that with popular social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram bringing instant this and instant that into our everyday lives, the awareness of what exactly sugar momma/younger men dating is all about has come to the forefront.

In reality, sugar momma dating younger men is actually prevalent across the whole of the US but, as you might expect, it’s more common in some cities than others. Before we take a more detailed look at the top 8 cities in the US where you are more likely to find sugar mommas and younger men date, let’s take a step back and consider just what we mean by sugar mommas dating younger men.

On one side we have a wealthy older woman, perhaps divorced separated or widowed, and who is looking for a new companion; however, our sugar momma is not looking for someone her own age but rather a younger, virile man who can attend to her every need. He may not be a full time companion or the couple may not have a relationship in the traditional sense, but he needs to be there when she needs him. The age gap between the parties can typically be more than 10 years but this may stretch to even 30+!

And, in return, what does our younger man expect from his sugar momma?

Well, if he is still at university, the younger man might expect his sugar momma to pay his tuition fees throughout his studies or maybe his apartment rental; possibly give him a clothing allowance (as, after all, the younger man has to look good for his sugar momma); he might even get a car or get to travel around with his benefactor; and so on...

If we return to the question of the top 8 cities in the US where sugar mommas are more likely to be dating younger men, it’s worth to set out some of the key criteria applicable to such cities, most of which is quite logical. We are talking about cities:

  • Which are relatively wealthy, having the benefit of good economies and with large populations;
  • Where there is established wealth, whether this be old money from manufacturing or other business or, perhaps, so-called new money from the technology, digital, or service sectors;
  • The population demographics favour older wealthy women and younger men (perhaps a major university city) with a higher than usual percentage of unattached, older wealthy women and young, 18-25 year old single men;
  • Where diversity and openness is generally accepted and attitudes to sugar momma and younger men dating are relatively liberal and, of course;
  • There is an active dating scene whether this be via one of the specialised sugar momma/younger men dating sites or through one of the more typical dating channels such as the social restaurant, bar or club scene.

When we begin to look at the top 8 cities in the US where sugar momma and younger men dating is more prevalent, there are not too many surprises on the list. The more liberal west coast is, as you would expect, is well represented with Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego and Seattle all featuring. To the eastern side of the US we, of course have New York, Washington and Chicago, all major centres of population, commerce and politics; the list is rounded off by Houston which despite its reputation for being in a conservative State does have oil money wealth and an active social scene.

However, if you are a sugar momma looking for younger men to date in the US, you don’t necessarily need to take a trip to one of these aforementioned cities: simply log-on to a specialised sugar momma dating site and see how many younger men are available in your home town or State!

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