Sugar Mommas on Top

Sugar Momma on TopNot so long ago, some Sugar Mommas felt stigmatised when it became known that they were dating younger men. To some people it just didn’t seem right that an older, wealthy woman could be out and about on the town or in a relationship with a young, handsome man.

This was despite the widely accepted practice of many older men, often known as Sugar Daddies, dating attractive women much younger than themselves.

Fortunately this double standard has gradually receded and nowadays it is far more acceptable for a Sugar Momma to be quite open about her relationship with her young beau.

Another key factor in the improved acceptance of Sugar Mommas is the fact that many Sugar Mommas have much greater accessibility to young men - either through specialised internet dating sites which solely cater for these wealthy, powerful older women and their younger partners. It’s now possible for Sugar Mommas to become a member of one of these dating sites and take their time in selecting a young man who appeals to them. There’s no need to waste times going to bars or nightclubs or other places where young men frequent, and our Sugar Momma can instigate the beginnings of a relationship from her computer terminal or i-Pad and from the comfort of her home of office.

What’s more, this way of a Sugar Momma dating her young man can mean that she can screen his background and quite easily check his likes and dislikes and so on before arranging any sort of meeting. Accordingly, it can also eliminate the chances of any possible mis-understanding and/or potential embarrassment if the aspirations or intentions of the parties do not match.

A final point worthy of mention is that, with the gradual rebalancing of gender roles, many Sugar Mommas are becoming more assertive, both in their business but also their private lives. This means that Sugar Mommas are no longer afraid to state what they want - and no longer concerned about being seen as strong enough to aim to get it. They can dictate the terms of a relationship with a young man of their choosing - and, often, this can extend to both the mental and physical sides!

So, in sort, the modern Sugar Momma can not only have better, wider choices of young men, but usually they have the status and money to in control or dictate what they want.

In other words, Sugar Mommas are in a stronger position than even before… or, put another way, "on top"!

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